Talent vs Discipline:

Talent Vs Discipline

Can I really become a visual artist?

by Sarah Smith

How many times have we heard the question, are artists born or made? Sometimes, we even ask ourselves, do I really have what it takes to be an artist? The answer is simple: YES. We are all born with different gifts, and we all tend to create in one way or another. It is also true that talent helps, and having access to resources when we are young can also make a difference; however, in most instances, discipline and perseverance are what it really takes to become an artist.

“The only thing I have learned is to find strength in yourself. No one can help you, no one can do anything for you, you have to do the work yourself.”

~Marina Abramovic, performance artist

So here are 10 steps that will help you put your art career in motion:

 1.     Find a theme that can become multiple questions that no matter what, you would be willing to constantly explore;

2.     Experiment with different mediums and techniques to begin developing your own voice;

3.     Practice, practice, practice, and be patient with yourself;

4.     Research your topics, take risks, and be willing to go down multiple rabbit holes;

5.     Find a good mentor, someone who can question you through their written work or even reach out to;

6.     Put yourself out there and participate in a collective exhibition;

7.     Expand your network and organize an open studio;

8.    Plan a solo exhibition, ask a good friend or mentor to help curate your work and find the right space that matches your concept;

9.     Learn how to navigate the art world abroad, apply to an international artist residency;

10.  Plan how to sell your work, start your own client list first within your own circle, then expand it.

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