Unique Artist Residencies Across Asia

Unique Artist Residencies Across Asia

by Zuri Jackson

When it comes to finding exceptional artist residencies in Asia, certainly several options come to mind. These programs offer unique experiences and create a fertile environment for artistic growth and creativity. Here are some of the best artist residencies in Asia:

at STPI – Creative Workshop & Gallery.

1. Singapore Tyler Print Institute (STPI) Residency (Singapore):

STPI Residency is well known for its collaborative atmosphere. Their residency offers artists the opportunity to work with master printmakers and experiment with diverse printmaking techniques. The program provides access to wonderful modern spaces and engages artists in dynamic exchanges with local and international art communities.

2. Cité Internationale des Arts (France-Asia Program) (Paris, France):

While not based in Asia, the France-Asia Program at Cité Internationale des Arts offers a unique opportunity for Asian artists. Creators can live and work in one of the art capitals of the world. The program makes possible cultural exchanges and invites artists to connect with the vibrant Parisian art scene.

Wen-Chih Wang, 2015 (Photo by Chiu Chih Hua)

3. Bamboo Curtain Studio (Taiwan):

Situated within the lush environment of Taiwan, Bamboo Curtain Studio aims to promote diverse art practices and foster cross-cultural dialogue. Artists can engage with local communities, participate in various workshops, and create site-specific installations inspired by the natural surroundings.

4. Rimbun Dahan (Malaysia):

Set amidst nature in Malaysia, Rimbun Dahan’s residency program provides artists with serene spaces, allowing for uninterrupted focus on their creative practices. After all they offer studio spaces and support from the local art community, certainly artists can explore different art forms while being inspired by Malaysia’s cultural diversity.

5. Gyeonggi Creators Residency (South Korea):

Gyeonggi Creators Residency offers a diverse range of programs designed to support artists from various backgrounds. With a strong focus on experimentation, the residency invites artists to collaborate and exchange ideas with local artists, resulting in new and cross-disciplinary artworks.

6. Fukuoka Asian Art Museum (FAAM) Residency (Japan):

FAAM Residency in Japan provides a creative environment for artists to develop their work through research and collaboration. The program invites artists to engage with cultural heritage, contemporary issues, and diverse artistic expressions with a deeper understanding of Asian art and promoting cultural exchange.

7. Hong Kong Arts Centre Residency (Hong Kong):

Located in the busy city of Hong Kong, the Arts Centre Residency offers artists a vibrant environment rich in cultural diversity. With access to equipped studios and resources, artists can immerse themselves in the local art scene, connect with fellow creatives, and present their work through exhibitions and events.

Indeed, these artist residencies in Asia have proven to be exceptional in terms of their spaces, resources, and support offered to artists. They provide a platform for artists to pursue their creative visions, connect with individuals who think alike, and embrace the uniqueness of Asian art and culture.

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